New Exhibition

Twenty Twenty Gallery Ludlow

Delighted to be part of this group show ‘When the Land Rested’ curated by Claire Scott. A superbly hung exhibition that highlights correspondences between the various artworks by Dennis Farrell, Alysia Webster, Mick Manning, Claire Scott and June Forster. Read my full exhibition statement below.

Published by juneforster

I am a painter and university tutor with a PhD in Fine Art, living near Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales.

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  1. Hi June, Thanks for sharing this, looks great! I don’t know how you find the time for all you do. Strangely I have an ancestor buried in a tomb in Ludlow Parish church but I have never been to see. I have been looking at some abstract work this week too so good to see where you are coming from, I just found an Addy Gardner in a shop window, swooshy landscapes and Charlotte Cornish in the Sarah Wiseman gallery with all the colours thrown in intensley. I get distracted every way I look as I don’t really have a standpoint yet and feel like I am just playing a game, And only just getting away with it! Do you know Sarah Spackman? Local artist,I really like her work more figurative observational but loosely painted with stunning colour- a bit Uglow-ish Best wishes, Heather.



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